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Hall of Fame - More famous people from around Norwich

Here is a list of more famous people from in and around Norwich through the ages, including a few contemporary names associated with Norwich too.

  • George Borrow (1803–1881), writer and traveller. In his youth Borrow was resident at Willow Lane. He attended the Norwich King Edward school.
  • Sir Thomas Browne (1605–1682). medical doctor, polymath scholar, encyclopedist and philosopher with interests in Biblical scholarship and the esoteric.
  • Edith Cavell (1865–1915) was born in Swardeston, 4 miles south of Norwich. She was a World War I nurse who was executed by firing squad by the Germans for helping allied prisoners escape in violation of military law. She is buried on Life's Green, on the east side of Norwich Cathedral.
  • Robert Kett, a Norfolk landowner from Wymondham who lead the peasant's revolt in 1549 in the name of the common man against the corrupt Norfolk landowners. This eventually lead to the Battle of Dussindale against the King's forces on the 27 August 1549 in which 3000 of Kett's men were killed. He was hanged for Treason at Norwich Castle on the 7 December 1549.
  • Amelia Opie (1769–1853), Norwich author and Quaker. In 1825 she drastically changed her life as a socialite, party-goer, and attendant at literary soirees, to become a Quaker.

Contemporary names associated with Norwich include:

  • Bill Bryson, American writer and humorist, lives near Wymondham, near Norwich
  • Martin Burgess, builder of the famous Gurney Clock in the Castle Mall
  • Charles Clarke, Labour MP and former Home Secretary, lives in Norwich
  • Cathy Dennis, famous Singer/Songwriter who was born in Norwich in 1969
  • Stephen Fry, comedian, author, actor and filmmaker, studied at Norwich City College, and is a Norwich City FC fan
  • Sir John Mills, born in North Elmham in Norfolk. Mills was educated at the Norwich High School for Boys. He also had football trials with Norwich City FC in the 1920s
  • Philip Pullman, British writer was born in Norwich on 19 October 1946. Best-selling author of a number of fantasy novels.
  • Delia SmithDelia Smith, celebrity chef and joint majority owner of Norwich City FC

Did you know... 3000 of Kett's men were killed in the Battle of Dussindale.