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Hall of Fame - Juliana of Norwich

Juliana of Norwich

Juliana of Norwich, born in 1342 and died c. 1416 was the first woman to have written a book in English.

Her book, the Revelations of Divine Love is a book of Christian mystical devotions.

Almost nothing is known of her early life. In 1373, Julian was struck with a serious illness. As she prayed and prepared for death, she is said to have received a series of sixteen visions on the Passion of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Saved from the brink of death, Julian of Norwich dedicated her life to solitary prayer and the contemplation.

Many years after her illness, she wrote down her visions and her understanding of them in Middle English.

Her name was derived from the Church of St Julian in Norwich. The church was dedicated either to Julian the Hospitaller or Julian of Le Mans. Destroyed by bombing during World War II, the church has been extensively restored. The Friends of St Julian have a shop next door.


Did you know... The city of Norwich is twinned with Rouen in France, Koblenz in Germany, Novi Sad in Serbia, and El Viejo in Nicaragua.