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Norwich is the most complete medieval city in Britain. Explore the intricate network of streets and historic buildings, from the splendor of the Norman Castle to charming Elm Hill. Here you can check out what is on offer before you visit...

The 2022 Norfolk & Norwich Festival is coming!

13 - 29 May 2022

Prepare yourself for 17 days of music, dance, theatre, cabaret and circus at the Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2022. This flagship arts festival for the East of England, the Festival transforms our public spaces, city streets, performance venues, parks, forests and beaches, bringing people together to experience the same brilliant and inspirational events. In May, Norwich will be transformed into a capital of culture. Check it out - Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2022

Norwich Lanes

The Norwich Lanes Traders' Association have produced the latest edition of their "Norwich Lanes" map. The map provides a full listings directory including all Norwich Lanes members. There are also two additional maps to help visitors locate where Norwich Lanes is, and the central map helps them find their way around. Information about shopping and socialising in the area is inncluded too.

The maps are available from shops, restaurants and cafes throughout the area, and the railway station, as well as from many of Norwich's top attractions.

Check out the Norwich Lanes website

Norwich becomes England's No. 1

Norwich has earned the honour of becoming the first in England to be admitted to the World League of Historical Cities. The WLHC seeks to conserve and regenerate some of the most stunning places around the world.

Norwich is now up there along side places like Paris, Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, Budapest and Rome.

Norwich's Heritage, Economic and Regeneration Trust (Heart) pushed through the bid with the help of the former Lord Mayor of Norwich.

Find out more at Norwich HEART - Heritage, Economic and Regeneration Trust

a fine city

Did you know... the city of Norwich is twinned with Rouen in France, Koblenz in Germany, Novi Sad in Serbia, and El Viejo in Nicaragua.